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21050 LEGO Architecture Studio: A Must Have for Architecture Enthusiasts

Architecture - July 4th, 2017 - View the gallery

LEGO sets are a personal favorite for many people in creative professions. The unmatched flexibility those LEGO sets offer allow for a great deal of creative expression. Using the same blocks, people can make all kinds of different creations. The limits of what can be created are usually limited by a person’s imagination and skill level of assembling the blocks. The ability to express ideas through 3D forms is essential to people in the architecture professions. The use of LEGO bricks in creating architectural models is not something new. Many world-renowned and architecture students alike use LEGO bricks in their models.

Architecture’s Favorite Brick!

Totally aware of the creative applications of its bricks in the architecture industry, LEGO made a special line that caters for this specific niche. LEGO Architecture Studio is a collection of LEGO sets designed specifically for architects and architecture enthusiasts. The LEGO Architecture Studio kits cater for both professionals and hobbyists alike. Instead of being a one-time set that you construct and put somewhere on a shelf, LEGO Architecture Studio sets is focused on the heart of architecture and design; free-building and free-flowing ideas and creativity. Among the line’s most premium sets is the 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio set.

The 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio set is basically a big box of mostly-white LEGO pieces that can be assembled together to create models of many architectural landmarks. If users feel like being creative, the bricks are perfect for creating pretty much any custom building imaginable. Aside from 1200 awesome, mostly white LEGO bricks, the box contain many specialty pieces that that can be both decorative and functional. The provided pieces can cover almost any design imaginable.

The Book of Awesome!

Beside the abundant LEGO elements, the 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio set comes with an awesome, 272 page book. For many architecture enthusiasts, the LEGO Architecture Studio book alone is an enough reason to get the set. This book is not an extended instructions manual like those that come with LEGO sets. Instead, it is full of many inspiring ideas and sketches that will definitely appeal to any architecture enthusiast. Despite the fact that the set is geared towards people older than 16 years, the book is excellent to teach younger children about architecture and design.

The book features many architectural firms that explain some of their used concepts. Design concepts in the LEGO Architecture Studio book are illustrated in a beautiful way that is appealing for both children and adults. The book describes and explains each concept in a simple and informative way. By refraining from providing unnecessary details, the book succeeds people without deep technical knowledge in architecture interested. Each chapter has a section that helps readers explore those contents using LEGO bricks. Many architects do use LEGO bricks for creating their conceptual models.

Almost Perfect Additions

This LEGO Architecture Studio kit offers two sorting trays and three sorting boxes. With a set of this size, those are expected and necessary additions to help handle the set and keep it organized. The boxes however, lack separators. Witty architects using the set will probably come up with their own separator solutions, although that is something LEGO should have thought of itself. Placing all of those pieces in sorting boxes is simply impractical.

Overall, the 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio set is a really nice set and an excellent addition to LEGO’s Architecture Studio line. Fans of LEGO and architecture will have the time of their lives exploring architectural concepts in the books and create them using the LEGO bricks. The LEGO Architecture Studio ideas are simply vast. The amounts of things that can be created using those bricks are enough to keep LEGO and architecture fans busy for a really long time.

– Words by Omar Al-Masry –