From rubbish to 3D street art


We don’t know what you’re thinking when you see a pile of scrap, but in that situation we can almost read Artur Bordalo’s mind.

And you know what? The Lisbon-based artist, also known as Bordalo II, is undoubtedly thinking about making some thought-provoking 3D street art.

Given that his stylistic expression is mainly focused on drawing attention to how human waste affects the environment, especially the lives of animals, his artworks are as deep as aesthetically pleasing.

That being said, people’s negative impact on other living species is his inspiration, while used and discarded tires, bumpers and the like are the materials he plays with.

From birds to insects to rabbits, Bordalo’s 3d street art portrays a variety of different animals that are additionally spray painted and are hiding the trash they’re made of.

He employs irony to create animals using some of the things that threaten their existence. And we can’t think of a better way of linking art with environmental issues.