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'Aas Kaa, the closures are boundaries' by Jasmine Accardi

Design - February 19th, 2018 - View the gallery

Jasmine Lakshmipathi Accardi, an Italian girl with a passion.
As a student at Polimoda, she started realizing her visions and dreams.

See how Jasmine describes her work and collection:

"My profound admiration for the work of the choreographer Akram Khan and the artist Anish Kapoor gave me the inspiration for this collection.

The name Aas Kaa is a tribute to Kaash, the title of Akram Khan's show, but is also a quote of James Joyce's onomatopoeic phrase, from the novel Finnegan's Wake, which means Thunder in several languages.

Aas Kaa is also present in a song of Urdu language, about the loving ties meant as boundaries that cannot be overcome, and it is also a link to the Indian component of my research and the origins of these two artists.

Aas Kaa ‘Le chiusure sono confini’,’The closures are boundaries’ is finally a reflection on the shapes of the outfit and metaphorical boundaries.

Some inserts come from the draped Lunghi of Indian fishermen in Kerala.The colours are inspired by the artist Anish Kapoor, the use of red colour which symbolizes fire and blood, alongside the shades of earth grey and ash volcanic, which in my interpretation evolve in red-violet, amaranth, mirrored rosewood material, night blue, combined in bright light with white."


To see the collection from different perspective, follow the link to the short fashion film