What is good Design?

Sometimes, our perception of popularity and reputation outweighs the true essence of good design. A good project can be popular, but not all good projects are characterized by popularity.
Design42Day aims to define and display quality design from a project standpoint, regardless of brands, trends, or budgets, communicating an impartial perspective of what defines “good” design.
Over the years, Design42Day has distinguished itself for its selection ability establishing partnerships with key players of industry like Red Dot Design Awards and SuperstudioPiu during Milan Design Week.

From Good Design to Business

In this context we introduce a selection of companies characterized for their high standards to potential clients involved in important construction and infrastructure projects in Asia and Middle East.

The essence of our philosophy flourishes from connecting with high level design companies with decision makers: Contractors,

Architect studios, local authorities, project owners and engineering consultants.

If you believe your company has the potential to breakthrough, please visit our B2B section to evaluate the business opportunities our network can offer.


A glance to the future

It isn’t solely a matter of aesthetics, design strongly influences everyday life by improving the quality of the surrounding environment and constantly adapting to the needs of man and the planet.
To reward and provide visibility to the best projects contributes to raising the standards of design, ultimately heightening our expectations for the future of design.



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