Altuzarra at New York Fashion Week

Altuzarra at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has been known for its pomp, circumstance, glitz and glam. With sparkle and shine, it is a shining beacon in the fashion world alongside London, Milan and Paris’ Fashion Weeks. In 2016, however, New York Fashion Week shone a classier and moodier light especially in comparison to last years with its bright gypsy pants and warmer atmosphere. This year, Joseph Altuzarra’s 2016 collection created quite the stir with its chic and whimsical ensembles.

Greatly inspired by Tilda Swinton’s 2013 film character from Only Lovers Left Alive Eve, Altuzarra’s collection skipped over the blood-sucking vampire persona and focused instead on the woman with centuries of fashion and history behind her. Eve saunters about the film in silk kimonos, leather jackets, and brooding tones of color. And Altuzarra’s collection definitely didn’t miss the mark with its impressive muse. Slender models promenaded down the catwalk in fur-lined jackets and flowing gowns in deep shades of gemstones and stunning patterns of white and black.

Classically exotic, the collection is reminiscent of travelers abroad seeking a life of richness and depth. Altuzarra featured Moroccan and Turkish folk garb followed by Indian textiles of whispering silk. Hemmed with handkerchiefs and cinched with vintage-inspired belts, from the dresses to the pants to the thick jackets, each piece had its own personality, its own story to tell. Emeralds and lush wines were framed with peach paisleys and navy blue and white florals, and then studded with strappy heels and suede and leather boots.

New York Fashion Week was speckled with a new tone this year. What some might have called a shadowy aura, we saw it as a fresh breath of air from the more rambunctious and splattering pieces from seasons past. Altuzarra’s pieces felt more accessible and tangible to more than just the celebrities. With their sultry necklines and sophisticated layering, each piece was more than simple and elegant, they were striking and exquisite, boastful yet timid. Demanding to be noticed but not put on a pedestal, to be worn and loved and paraded down every street and alleyway and not just the catwalk.

Altuzarra ended his exhibition with a stunning twist: floor length dresses embellished with sparkling sequins. Pieces that combined the flare of the 70s with nomadic patchwork, eclectic and deliciously fulfilling to the eyes. What better way to conclude his show-stopping line, but with bookends of magnificence that left all in attendance in awe and rapture.