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Aquatic Creatures by Riccardo Capuzzo

Design - October 13th, 2020 - View the gallery

Aquatic Creatures by Riccardo Capuzzo is a unique brand built around mystical stories of the ocean. This idea is based on the most admirable oceanic creatures to enrich your surroundings. With the vision to raise awareness about the beauty and safety of marine life, the brand's founder proposes a series of enchanting marine creatures in a variety of products: plates, wallpapers, acryl glass, and notebooks.


These designs are envisioned, sketched out and then sent to the illustrators so that their finer details can be worked on. They are completely handmade, drawn with a pencil and then refined using China ink to enhance every feature. These characters are scanned and then printed onto the aforementioned products to purchase – making the brand a symbol of quality and unique designs. Each creature is pitched forth with a story in mind and creativity is the essence of each drawing.

Aquatic Creatures Wallpaper

These wallpapers are made of a fine Inspire Wallpaper Satin 130 material that is not only stain resistant and durable but also certified non-flammable. The printed designs are elaborately sized on the wallpapers to enhance the visual impact; whereas, the choice of wallpaper colors is mostly light and subtle to maximize the print. These Wallpapers do not contain any PVC or plasticizers. Each roll is width 49x294cms – a convenient fit for the walls.


Aquatic Creatures Acryl Glass

Made from single cast acrylic glass, these artistic pieces offer a gleam that is flawless.  Each acrylic glass product is ideally sized to be 75 x 100 cm sized illustration for hosting on walls or placing on drawing room shelves. The aquatic creature prints are top quality photo printed illustrations, pasted delicately on the acrylic surface and sealed with a base of aluminum for a perfect finish and durability.



Aquatic Creatures Notebook

These notebooks are delivered in a smooth black box with a white strip and cream-coloured eco-friendly pages. They can not only serve to be your personal journal but can be the perfect choice for gifting to a loved one. Each notebook starts with an illustration of aquatic creature, bound to take you into an enchanting ambience of the sea as your write down your words.



Aquatic Creatures Plates

These plates are made of fine  China, decorated in Italy and sized at a diameter of 27 cm. An addition to your cutlery collection to provide you a different plate to enjoy your meals in.



What Makes this Brand Stand Out?

Aquatic Creature collectibles have the ability to provide uniqueness to your home. Their range explicitly stands out amid the designs that are available worldwide. It attracts the customer because of its quality and the curiosity it arouses. With its distinctive assortment, they provide the fine detailing that few people focus on.

The overall experience of these mystical aquatic theme products is different in the sense that it calls out to you and attempts to bring you back into the imaginative world in the midst of this hectic real life we live. Its idea is indeed uniquely conceived and its execution has been incredibly achieved. One’s comprehension is exercised and imagination stretched as these collectibles provide a promise to take charge for the care of our planet Earth and its creatures through the thought provoking designs out on display.