An Armchair With 14 Overlapping Pillows

Armchair by Marc Venot

Elegant yet simple, mysterious yet inviting, the Quetzal armchair is the stunning 2016 masterpiece of French designer Marc Venot. Born in Paris, Venot went on to study industrial design at École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle after graduating from Jussieu University. For six years Venot worked for a French Global design agency that specialized in luxury brand perfumes and spirits for companies such as Givenchy, All Clad, Hermes, Lafuma and Cartier.

After opening his own studio in 2011, Venot has spent his time designing unique and masterful pieces for product and furniture companies including Mastrad, Orka, Thonet and Ligne Roset.
Venot’s most recent piece the Quetzal armchair, was designed for Missana, the Spanish furniture manufacturer. With over 20 years of experience, Missana is known for its endless passion in the upholstery and design industries. They have recently acquired the challenge of creating innovative proposals and ideas from designers all around the world. Each of their products is handmade in their factory in Alberic, Valencia, Spain.

With this newly acquired challenge, Missana’s collection “The Novelties” is full of striking modern furnishings. The Novelties are simple pieces injected with potent dyes of the most vibrant and delicious colors, paired with natural shades of wood and the idea that not only is this a piece of furniture, but it is also art.

It is no wonder, then, that Venot’s most recent design—the Quetzal—holds a special spot on The Novelties shelf. Venot’s design embodies the thrill that other Novelties cling to (such as Alice designed by Pepe Albargues, Toadstool designed by Masqueespacios, or Ara designed by PerezOchando).

Venot’s Quetzal combines the sleekness of modern furnishing with the striking two-tone coloring of the trogon bird of the same name. The Quetzal bird is known for its dazzling coloring and is often found in the humid highlands. Venot’s chair embraces not only the coloring of the bird but also the warmth of its environment. Upholstered in Febrik’s Twill fabrics, the chair offers its occupants a snug and inviting resting place.

The Quetzal armchair has a cone-shaped chair base with 14 bicolor pillows resting upon it in an overlapping cocoon of comfort. The bicolor pillows give the armchair a unique feature—the ability to switch the main color of the chair. This also allows the chair to be easily integrated into any space, home and studio alike. Unlike other modern furnishings that some may find difficult to add to their homes or even sit upon, the Quetzal perfectly connects furniture with art and you won’t be too timid to fall into its inviting swirl of contentment.

Like the Quetzal bird, Venot’s armchair catches the eye of passers-by with its vibrant colors. The complexity of the pillows paired with the simplicity of the shape make the chair an oxymoron that you will want to grasp at within minutes of sitting down upon it. Though 14 may seem like a large number, just one look at those pillows will have you wishing for it to envelope your body in cozy softness.