Barbara I Gongini’s fashion show is a great ceremony of darkness.

Total black can speak out loud. The latest edition of Copenhagen fashion week gave a proof of this fact, when the Denmark-based brand Barbara I Gongini released its AW14 collection: a great ceremony of darkness.

Every outfit was all about celebrating the brand’s peculiar style, a constant contradiction between simplicity of neutral tonalities and volume exposure of the complex structures giving rise to unforgettable garments.

The constant search for the androgynous leads to extremely asexual compositions, some of which could be even switched between male and female. Long shirts, voluminous skirts, asymmetrical jackets: every garment is high visual impact. The design process behind this dark explosion embraces careful selection of fabrics, which never disregards the noble principle of sustainability, since ethical fashion has always been Gongini’s mantra.

AW14 fashion collection is stunning: despite every outfit seems fruit of a complex construction, every item is highly customizable, and leaves wide room for being original. Out of the crowd.

If wide volumes complements the compositions with purely romantic mood, stripped tights, high-heels boots, together with heavily psychedelic make up, complements with a punk touch.

One would never tell it’s an easy style, but for sure it deserves to be tried on.