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This binocular fits easily into a coat pocket

Design - November 18th, 2014

Seeing the farthest is always an advantage, whether you are hunting, travelling, out on an adventure, wildlife watching or at a concert.

With Nikon’s award winning design you can also look the coolest.

The Nikon binocular Aculon T51 binoculars are made of an aluminium body with a highly durable coating in black, silver, red or pink.

The shape is soft and well rounded and fits easily into a coat pocket or purse and the ultra-compact design with weigh only 200 grams. The binocular T51 fits well into the hands and have a central focus adjustment dial that easily can be adjusted while using the binoculars.

As always with Nikon, the optical components  of this binocular are excellent with multilayer-coated lenses made of eco-friendly arsenic-free glass, giving you the brightest possible images.

The binocular T51 comes with either x8 or x10 magnification, both with a close focus distance of 2.5 while providing a wide field of view of around 100 meters at a distance of 1,000 meters.

Nikon’s binocular Aculon T51 design - by Hiroyuki Asano - was selected for the 2014 Red Dot Design award.