Bloom by Furf Design Studio

There are two types of design studios: those that go unnoticed and those who make a dent in the design world. Furf Design Studio by all means belongs to the second category. The award-winning studio has a vision of democratizing and enhancing the benefits of design for the evolution of mankind. This Brazilian design studio has exhibited in some of the most important design events around the world. From the renowned Milan Design Week in Italy to the Shenzhen in China, Furfs’s amazing product designs are a part of the permanent collections of many design museums.

An Easy Chair That Redefines Luxury

The high-end furniture market is fiercely competitive. However, Furf’s luxury furniture collection, Bloom, is an outstanding demonstration of design mastery and skillful craftsmanship manufactured by Brava Forma. Bloom includes a sofa and an easy chair that are designed to be visually-pleasing and comfortable at the same time. The pieces are completely handmade with local labor from luxurious yet sustainable materials.

The sofa and the easy chair have a durable fabric material. However, the traditional fabric buttons are replaced with hand-made leather flowers that are crafted using traditional techniques. Combine this with the extremely soft cushions placed on the backrests, sides and seats of the sofa and the easy chair and you got yourself a comfortably elegant set that pleases the body and the eyes.

The natural leather used in this furniture collection is all derived from the leather disposal of the food industry and is dyed naturally without chemical pigments that endanger the environment. After the leather is dyed, a manual braiding technique, originally used by the Pampas, is applied to create the final product.

Built To Last

In addition to being elegant and comfortable, Furf’s furniture set is also very durable. The sofa and easy chair have a copper-colored cast aluminum feet that elevate the furniture and provide a sense of visual lightness. In addition to the lightness and “floating effect”, this cast aluminum support is very sturdy. Combining this with the durable, premium materials used results in a set that is built to last. Furt’s furniture set simply have an existence of its own that adds to any space it is placed in.