Bounce is essentially a nouveau hammock

Bounce is essentially a nouveau hammock. But unlike the typical island hammock, it comes in vivid combinations of colors and is made of smooth silicone, not prickly rope.

You cannot move a hammock to a different spot with ease, but the light polycarbonate body of Bounce makes it portable and weatherproof. You never have to worry about breaking the net: the seat has been tested 10,000 times with a load of 150 kg and over 72 hours of continuous weight loads.

Bounce hammock is designed to take the shape of the body that sinks into it. The six different color combinations allow for sleek (black base, black or blue knit), summery (white base, red or white knit) and idiosyncratic (transparent base, pink or green knit) demeanors, but no matter the colors, this hammock is undeniably stylish and comfortable.

The diameter and angle of the ring are reminiscent of planets orbiting the sun: large, slanted, and catered to a central body—yours. The dimensions work to accommodate a variety of ways you can sit. It is the finest form of self-indulgence.

The designer, Fenny Ganatra, is a graduate of Singapore-based Raffle Design International. She is young and passionate about design. “Once an idea hits me” Ganatra says, “I’m restless ‘till I am able to execute the concept in a simple, minimalist manner that needs to exude a hyper experiential feel”. Bounce hammock was a 2012 Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention and Ganatra’s first commercial product.

We can expect to see a lot more of her in the future.