A full corporate brand identity strategy

Louis Charden is one of the most popular cafés and bakeries in Armenia’s capital Yerevan. It started in May 2013 with the help of Backbone Branding, also based in Yerevan, who created a strong corporate brand identity for them. So far, they have covered logotypes, graphic design and packaging. As Backbone offers a complete range of services, we may soon see further developments in terms of brand identity, for example a web design.

What is particularly interesting with Backbone’s approach is that they are very clear about what they offer – a transformative process. This implies that anything from a simple business card or napkin to a full corporate brand identity strategy can be addressed and transformed. Backbone doesn’t work for the client – they work with the client. The positive engagement with their clients is key to their process.

In the case of Louis Charden, they created what could be called a Francophile atmosphere or aura for the bakery. They formed a narrative framework expressing home, happiness, elegance and a festive and exclusive feeling.

Finally, Backbone is one of several highly exciting design-oriented enterprises emerging in Armenia in recent years. We are seeing how superb craftsmanship is successfully brought into the 21st century world of design.