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Central Saint Martins Degree Show

Design - June 30th, 2017 - View the gallery

The end of May saw the Central Saint Martins Degree Show. The internationally renowned school is known as the birthplace of influential artists and designers alike. In a season of tumultuous social and political unrest, the collections were hardly trivial in their visions and offerings. Students from each of the four majors- womenswear, menswear, knitwear, and print- channelled an understanding of emotion and personal reflections in each of the 41 collections storming out on the runway.

Print designer Goom Heo, the winner of L’Oréal’s Professionnel Young Talent Award, created a layered confection of excessiveness. The South Korean travelled during her placement year and found inspiration in the most unlikely of muses- potbellied men lounging in the street with laid back attitudes and a good sense of fun. Her first time working in menswear, Goom injected irreverence and playfulness with her disproportioned silhouettes and wild sense of colour.

Sheryn Akiki, second runner up, sent a army of women affiliated to no-one down the runway, dressed in shredded garments that were expressions of anger translated into a rushed and ready idea of fashion. From Beirut, the young designer filtered her own personal experience with propaganda, unsafe territories and political unrest through her collection.

Other notable designers include Jae Yoo, Kévin Germanier, and Daniel John Sanson- all brilliant in their own way with their skill in storytelling and creation. This year, the diverse offering of the fashion graduates hardly disappointed- these new generation succeeded in making waves in the same way their predecessors did.