A minimalist tea collection for Rosenthal Studio Line


Japan has been a strong influence of the work by the Italian Federica Capitani. Her recent release is a vivid, yet low profile, recall of far east tea sets, and looking at the whole composition, the first thing you’re going to think of is harmony, no doubt about it. Her latest work is a minimalist tea collection for Rosenthal Studio Line.

The collection starts from the teapot, which resembles in all its simplicity the conception behind all the other pieces: the merge between body and handle results in powerful minimalism, enforced by the solid-black porcelain used.

The teacups are a bright complement of this black stone. Despite the simple structure, the dispersion of dots on the skin contributes with a soft touch and easiness to hold.

Aesthetic delight of these little jewels is even coupled with technical sophistication: not by chance, the raised surface of the dots is a smart tool of heat dispersal. Moreover, a lid for the large cup is a useful solution to keep the tea warm for long.

The aseptic monochrome of the tea set is complemented by the warm bamboo saucers and bowl, which is a nice contraposition to the modernity of the minimal porcelain, and a stronger ceremonial material, directly inspired by the Japanese tea culture.

Awarded by the German Design Council with the German Design Award 2015, Cha tea set is no doubt a must have for a cosmopolitan design-lover (and tea-lover as well). Go and catch one!

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