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A new sophisticated teapot is what you need to make your tea break...

Design - February 6th, 2014

Japanese passion for tea is well known all over the world and so it comes that Naoto Fukasawa's objective was to make the tradition a bit more modern through minimalistic design that characterizes his creations, and surly he did achieve his goal.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel for the Italian well known brand Alessi, his sophisticated new teapot is what you need to make your tea break as special as it deserves to be. Is it or not a moment to relax, chatting with friends and eating some biscuits? It definitely is, so you should make it special, which of course includes choosing the right gear, and the Cha teapot surly is the perfect beginning.

"Cha" - being also the Japanese word for tea - has a shiny polished finish and features a magnetic steel bottom to resist every kind of heat surface, induction hobs included. The infusion filter on the inside can be easily removed and an additional internal filter is positioned at the height of the pouring spout in order to avoid the chance of leaves ending up in your cup. The curved handle is made out of black thermoplastic resin and it's in an upright position, in order to grip the large kettle while keeping your hand far away from the hot surface.

The design may seem simple at the first gaze, but thanks to the designers in-depth study the minimal design object includes all the details that make the ancient ritual of serving tea, and this teapot, so special!