Snuggling Cinema With Colorful Bean Bags

Colorful bean bags at Tuli Cinema

If you haven’t caught a movie recently, now is the time. Theaters around the nation are embracing the comfy and cozy ambiance, removing its traditional (and not comfortable) auditorium seats and replacing them with loungers. But not just any loungers, leather chairs that fully recline and in some cases, are even heated! Now when you come to the theater dressed in comfy clothes, you can expect an at home theater experience without the renovation price tag.  

As the new recliner trend takes U.S. theaters by storm, another trend is emerging out of Slovakia. Designer Michal Staško recently renovated the Tuli Cinema in Samorin-Cilistov, Slovakia. Replacing seats, Staško put in colorful bean bags, as well as colorful and acoustic panels on the walls to create a new and intimate theater experience.

As one reviewer describes, “The theater is a feast for the eyes as the whole cinema plays colors…The design also boasts quality image and quality acoustic sound.”

Here, moviegoers can cozy up with each other and take in a movie as if they were in their friend’s or family’s basement. Gone are also the traditional movie theater rows and instead are cubicles with two Tuli bean bags in each space.  These handmade bean bags adapt to any position as well as provide ample support for the body.

Additionally, there are drink and snack holders off to the side of the cubicles, which helps provide more privacy for each group or couple. Plus, the colorful and playful decor gives the theater a more friendly atmosphere.

The Tuli Cinema name comes from the word “Tulikino,” which translated from Slovak is “snuggling cinema,”—a perfect title for a colorful bean bag atmosphere. The design hopes to encourage snuggling while enjoying the latest film.

Staško is known for his interior and product design. Previously, Staško studied art and design at universities in Bratislava and Prague. He hopes to spread and promote Slovak design around the world through his work. From designing furniture to creating unique chandelier collections, there’s a reason Staško won the national product design award in 2015. Other specialties include fashion design, jewelry and industrial design.

Could Tuli Cinema be the future of movie theaters? We’ll have to wait and see—or just book a flight to Slovakia to try this theater out for ourselves!