She also works as a theater and film costume designer

The fashion house of Zanete Auzina was established in October 2000, and since then the designer managed to make a strong impact on the Latvian fashion scene.

At this year’s Riga Fashion Week, Auzina showcased a collection that was simple and sophisticated. The philosophy of the brand is to create a synthesis of color, form and texture and to create looks that are artistic, but at the same time wearable and modern.

For the F/W collection, the designer opted for earthly tones, so we’ve seen a lot of yellows, browns, deep reds and greens as well as whites. Auzina insisted on the elongated silhouette and restrained herself from intense structuring. The designer’s passion for costume design once again found its place in the ready-to-wear collection: the clothes were adorned with decorative ornament carvings.

The simplicity of the flowing muslin garments and the couture-like detailing gave the looks some spice, and definitely made them memorable.

Auzina graduated from Riga Design Art School for fashion design and also received a degree at the Baltic International Academy for advertising design.

Her collections were showcased in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Japan and Canada. Along with running a successful clothing line, Auzina also works as a theater and film costume designer.