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Design Meets Home in Union3’s South African House

Architecture - August 4th, 2017 - View the gallery

South African design firm Union3’s latest work is a house in South Africa where design meets home. The interior home designed is set around a central indoor swimming pool. The house doesn’t only offer great interior home design but also an overall entertaining experience for all of its inhabitants. To create such a beautiful house, home design and décor shopping is never easy. However, when such task is assigned to professional designers, home design and décor shopping are the last things to worry about.

Hidden Beauty

Being on a lower contour level than the driveway, Union3 house is elegantly hidden behind various trees and bushes. Being engulfed with greenery adds to the home’s privacy and gives it the feeling of a luxurious, exclusive sanctuary. As soon as you descend the stairs, you are welcomed by a majestic entrance and a small pond. Once you are in the entrance area, you can see the full form of the house.

Luxurious Modern Exterior

The house’s exterior reflects Union3’s design for home luxury. The house’s mass is characterized by clean, modern forms that are minimal yet elegant. The strategically placed big windows allows for maximum use of the surrounding breath-taking views. Such a modern-looking, minimalist exterior wouldn’t reflect the desired feel of a luxury residence without the right materials. The house’s exterior is characterized by a masterful combination of stone, glass and wood cladding. The materials used reflect the luxury of the house while contributing to the overall modern look. Beside the aesthetical elements, the house makes smart use of its spectacular location by creating an outdoor activity area.

The house’s design for home activities is impressive. The beautiful wooden deck has a sunken wood fire pit with built-in benches that are ideal for outdoor activities. Whether it is a social gathering with a group of friends or solo star gazing in a dreamy nights, the outdoor deck is there to make the night. The outside area also has a wooden pergola with a kitchen and a wood fire oven, making it the perfect place for a barbeque or pizza baking.

Beautiful Inside & Out

Once you set foot inside the house, the modern, luxurious interior home design is continued. With the owner of the house being a designer himself, the house has plenty of art pieces and installations that draw the attention and motivate the mind. The central pool is overlooked by the top floors and serves as the house’s main entertainment space. The pool has some big hanging pendants that make a very powerful impact on the pool area. With multiple, carefully placed lighting sources, the pool area has a very warm and soothing glow.

A modern design wooden staircase leads up from the entertainment area to the spaces on the upper floor. Along the staircases are awe-inspiring art pieces that make taking the stairs like going through a beautiful art gallery.

The main living spaces are located on the upper floor. The living room has a simple design that reflects coziness, a mood that is very suitable for a living room. The living room’s main focal point is a wooden art installation of a man that was designed by the homeowner. The unusual art piece adds a strong character to a space that would otherwise have been dull. Having access to such custom made pieces is a relief from stressful home design and décor shopping tasks.

Next to the living room is a strategically placed kitchen between the living and the dining room. The kitchen has dominantly grey color with some complementary wooden chairs. The kitchen’s grey island has an underlying yellow light that works perfectly well with the kitchen’s color and gives a feeling that the island is elevated from the ground. The dining room has a similar feel to that of the kitchen. However, the dining room has an added dash of colors thanks to the large blue rug beneath the transparent, glass dining table.

With a design that is as functional as it is beautiful from the inside and the outside, Union3 has successfully designed a beautiful space where beautiful design meets home in a way worthy of a 21st century house.