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Design42Day signed an agreement with the Chinese Gov. Organization to enhance business relations in MENA

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Shenzhen 5th December.

Design42Day signed an agreement with the Chinese Gov. Organization SIDA to enhance bilateral business relations in MENA for construction business.

 A further step on the Silk Road Economic Belt has been taken  with the signing of the agreement between Design42Day and the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) during a signing ceremony at the China International Industrial Design Festival.

SIDA has become the largest professional design organization in China and the first industry organization to join in the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

The event hosted by the Baoan Government of the Shenzhen Municipality was attended by the Shenzhen Municipal Government leaders and by the Bao`an district Government leaders as witnesses of the signature.

The agreement includes the promotion of activities for Chinese companies seeking markets in the Middle East, which will include advertising plans, intelligence and legal assistance.

The choice by SIDA to partner with Design42Day is forecast to extend an action plan for the coordination of projects in the countries of Europe, the Middle East and China.

The project is designed for the promotion of the Chinese design industry and for Chinese technology and all related services with a focus on the Middle East.

These actions will support the establishment of a regional network development and the design of strategic business plans including financial investments.

Design42Day and SIDA are currently in negotiations to work in the Hebei Innovation Industrial Center (HIIC) for the development of Xiong'an New Area. The HIIC will be established as a core asset for the development of what could become the third Chinese economic engine after Shenzhen and Shangai. The Xiong'an New Area will be in a new area in the Province of Hebei.

This city will be constructed 100 km from Beijing. According to Morgan Stanley the investment in infrastructure and relocation will be approximately $290 billion in the first 15 years.