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Designer Jewelry With The Russian Cultural Heritage

Design - April 29th, 2016

There is an upcoming designer jewelry and accessories brand called "Matryoshka", which concept is based on one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia - matryoshka. Matryoshka doll is used metaphorically as a design paradigm, known as the "matryoshka principle" or "nested doll principle".

The perfect outline of matryoshka has become a starting point and a true inspiration for the brand’s creators. The matryoshka silhouette allows the designers to use the volume or form again and again, creating the endless ideas. Furthermore, the products still remain smooth, minimalist and contemporary.

Worldwide known form, pure color and functionality are those three fundamental things, which are the most important for the brand. Basic, but challenging; traditional, but modern; and always bright and fashionable.

Matryoshka jewelry such as bracelets, charms, pendants and earrings are made of 925 silver, covered with bright enamel, however, brand's new collection called "Pure" is a bit different from the first one – more elegant and minimalist made of sterling silver and two types of plated gold.

This designer jewelry brand has its own online shop with free worldwide shipping, as well as a few stockists in Russia, France, Spain and Latvia.

If you are a woman who follows the latest fashion trends, care about the look and not afraid to experiment with it — Matryoshka accessories is something you must definitely have in your jewelry box. Enjoy the jewelry with the Russian culture heritage, made with a care and with considered high-quality standards.