Faena Forum in Miami By Oma

Appreciating structure and art are one of the greatest leisure in life. And if there is one place you would rather be to do so, it would be to visit Faena District in Miami, Florida. This structure is located between Indian Creek and the Atlantic beachfront. International practice OMA designed a three-building masterpiece for an arts center such as museums and art galleries.

It is also created to efficiently accommodate retail bazaars and a wide car park. This is a multi-functional structure for different activities aside. This place can be used to facilitate a variety of big and cultural events such as concerts, receptions, workshops, and seminars.

This masterpiece was designed by Shohei Shigematsu and Jason Long. According to Shohei, the first plan of the Faena District was in Buenos Aires but due to an economic crisis, they decided to build the structure along Miami Beach.

He believes that it is a good place for business because it is one of the greatest tourist spots in the world. It attracts tourists so it is a good opportunity to build a park that will further enhance the reputation of the city.

At first, they had three different lots. But as they come up with a plan, they decided to build similar buildings to show uniformity and a good sense of unity and neighborhood. They wanted to make the Faena Forum a rounded shape to make it look like the center of the district to attract customers, and guests.

It also facilitates a greater public domain and appearance in relation to the Miami Beach. Hence, the cylindrical structure.

But the creation of this building is not without constraints. The forum wanted to create a much larger and taller building but there was a height restriction due to its location. It is essential for protection and support during typhoons and other environmental calamities brought by the ocean and the wind.

The building comprises of two, identical-sized, cylindrical and cubical volumes that can be combined or subdivided to support potential productions and events. Upon entering Collins avenue, visitors and guests are met with a 46-foot cantilever and reflecting pool. this cantilever is supported by a structural concrete façade that forms a series of arches and curves.

This structure gives a preliminary edge and enticement to all visitors to ensure a good ambiance and a wondrous experience.

According to Shigematsu, they were able to cantilever the outdoor canopy at the ground level by using the arches and to support the design. These arches were designed to make it look like a façade, making the 50-ft cantilever more presentable, enticing and fascinating.

The building contains 350 windows for vast, column-free spaces to show the vast structure of the place. The amphitheater at the first floor is created with pink marble floors. While the upper floor is created with a 40-foot-high dome completed with a glazed oculus.

The building is also built with a spiral, elegant and presentable stairway, providing visitors with a range of perspectives on the space as well as additional seating.

The designer believes that having a dome-shaped amphitheater can further increase the quality of the appearance of Faena District not only on the inside but also on the outside. It helps to facilitate grandness, and splendor to enhance people to come and visit the spectacular park along Miami Beach.

This is surely a place to remember. This is totally the place to be to take a good vacation out of the stressors of life. Unwind and visit Faena forum and Faena District itself. Experience its beauty, grandeur and elegance for there might never be a structure quite this beautiful and unique in the whole wide world.