Five Olive Oil is sleek in it’s design and manufacture

Olive Oil has long been a staple in kitchens across the world and since the Greeks it has been a symbol of finery, victory, and refinement. Five Olive Oil is sleek in it’s design and manufacture, combining an age old aesthetic and product with a new sleek styling and process.

Cold pressed to keep the spicy and aromatic flavors alive in the oil, Five Olive Oil has more than the usual range of flavors. The “5” could easily stand for the five senses, each one triggered by the Red Dot Award winner’s design. Picture this product on any counter top, from a rustic wood, to a slender speckled marble, the long oval and wooden cap can blend perfectly.

Each oil has it’s own fruity, pungent, and spicy number – ranging from the Ultra Premium, Organic, Extra Virgin, and the Unique – as well as it’s own bottle color from white to black to translucent. Distinctly different from one another – there is a delicately flavored oil for everyone.

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