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Geometric Floor Lamps

Design - July 18th, 2016

Ukrainian design company “Levantin Design” created geometric floor lamps called “Fitments”. The concept of this design is not to hide metallic constructions and sharp angles, but to do the contrary – display and emphasize the geometric shapes.

The concept of the floor lamps gives the impression of an unfinished state – light bulb and wire are visible, because nothing is hiding them, but, at the same time, colourful metal makes the simple frame look more interesting. These unusual design objects look simple and light, so visually they don’t take up much space, even if they are pretty big – lamps are 1,5 metres tall.

“Levantin Design” is founded by three young designers, who are siblings. By having their family design business, they already became widely known not only in the Ukrainian design scene, but also worldwide. They have already developed their own unique style by creating other geometrically shaped objects made from metal, such as chairs, coffee tables and even hangers. “Fitments”, which is their last work, is featured in the prestige “DESIGN Book of the Year Volume 7” between other 730 designs awarded in 2014.