Hand-Blown Illusive Glass Vases

Intriguing and innovative, yet also functional, “Indefinite Vases” produced by Studio E.O. in Stockholm incorporate a unique mesh of warm, soft glass and cold, hard stone. The intricate glass vases seem to elegantly melt over the cool granite, onyx, or marble pieces upon which they rest creating a feeling of solid serenity.

Founded in 2013, Studio E.O. takes its name from designer Erik Olovsson. Born in 1982 in Uppsala, Sweden, Olovsson boasts a diverse background acquired from years of study in multiple fields. His extensive studies include Fine Arts and Photography at Konstskolan in Stockholm and later Graphic Design at Berghs SOC, culminating in 2012 as he graduated from Konstfacks MA Storytelling program. Along with his solid academic foundation, Olovsson also gained valuable experience as an art director at the creative collective Acne for three years.

Erik Olovsson’s experience in numerous fields has allowed him to tell magnificent stories and convey deep emotions through his work. His studio creates elegant masterpieces in the areas of product, furniture, and graphic design.

“The Indefinite Vases” come in a multitude of exquisite designs, offering proud owners a unique way to add tranquil energy to any room in their home. The glass vases portray different moods as they come in multiple colors and levels of transparency and can be paired with other modern furniture to create a comfortable living space. Whether it’s an opaque black or white or a transparent blue or orange, each piece exudes a certain ethereal feeling of sublime contentment. Bold, beautiful and sound, or calm, elegant and stable, each vase interplays impeccably with its stone counterpart to create harmonious balance and unity.

Hand-blown in Stockholm, the glass vases are a new medium for Olovsson. He says he loves glass “because of its indefinite and unpredictable qualities” and feels that when “the glass is solidified in a specific form you’ve captured a moment of time.” The vases are being produced as a limited run. Olovsson is more familiar with stone as he has harnessed its capacities in several of his other pieces. “Marble, granite and onyx are organic materials that nicely work with the graphical forms, because of their hardness and amazing natural patterns and colors,” he says.

The stone pieces come in warm light pinks and deep dark blacks, also incorporating traces of vibrant cool blue and muted burnt orange. Each stone piece has a different geometric shape and personality. Some have sharp, defined edges, and others sleek, rounded curves. Regardless of shape, however, each piece is smooth and gentle yet steady and abiding.

Studio E.O. prides itself on its intense focus on methods and creating systems when designing. Its principal ambition is to have intuitive and experimental starting points in its projects, which is evident in “The Indefinite Vases” piece. Other works produced by the studio include an elegant wood room collection consisting of 25 stackable blocks with varying geometric voids for storage, and a cube candle holder comprised of drilled solid brass cube shapes stacked artistically.

Still youthful and constantly looking for new, exciting ways to make his pieces shine, expect the young Olovsson to develop numerous beautiful works of architectural and artistic genius for decades to come.