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- The Great Interior Design Challenge - Talented Amateur Designers on the Loose!

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When it comes to challenge-based reality shows, TV has so much to offer. From the best chefs to the best singers, there is a show for everything. However, not all challenge shows are created equal. For interior design enthusiast all over the world, The Great Interior Design Challenge is one of the best interior design challenge shows ever. At least in theory!

The Great Interior Design Challenge is a British television annual interior design challenge. The show was first broadcasted on BBC Two since January, 2014 and has been broadcasted ever since. The show hosts a group of “Britain’s best amateur interior designers” who, like any other challenge-based show, compete to prove their worth. The program’s first three seasons have been presented by Tom Dykhoff and the design-related tasks were judged by Daniel Hopwood and Sophie Robinson. The Great Interior Design Challenge had many reputable design figures as guest judges, such as Mochelle Ogundehin, Elle Magazine’s Decoration UK editor-in-chief.

A Recipe for a Good Show

Every episode of the show introduces a new location where the new challenge will take place. Each location has a distinctive architecture and a specific interior design challenge, focusing on a few participants each time. Every episode has a unique challenge in which the show’s participants compete. From giving rooms a complete make-over to up scaling old items, participants compete to prove their design skills.
The Great Interior Design Challenge is not supposed to have room for mediocre designers. With the Time’s design critic, Tom Dyckhoff hawking over every detail, there is little room for error. Despite having multiple design authority figures on the show, it is not so uptight after all. Letting loose some of the UK’s most talented “amateur interior designers” on people’s spare rooms is a recipe for a great show. Despite the hilariously weird description of “talented amateur designers” (what’s the point, really?) people watching the show are in for more than good interior design ideas.

Talented Amateur Designers Going Wild!

Despite all the innocent rooms sacrificed for the sake of producing the show, not all results are exactly Architectural Digest material. The design-hungry “talented amateur interior designers” quite often either wreak havoc on the rooms or do something entirely miraculous. Miracles include turning a room that lacks character and style to a room that lacks character and style, in a whole new way. Bright side: no damage is done! Sometimes the difference is really insignificant in a way that leaves you with a raised eye brow, trying to understand where the alleged “make-over” took place.

From clueless home owners who don’t have the slightest idea what they want to clueless amateur design talent, if you don’t get interior design ideas, you are in for a good laugh. The only people who are not always in for a good laugh are the unsuspecting home owners. After the amateur designers are finished with their rooms, the results are usually not that funny. On a good day, the rooms look like they were done by their ten-year-old niece. On a bad day, they look like someone is playing a prank. A mean prank.

As you progress through the show you will begin to notice a suspiciously common pattern of spraying stuff. For some mysterious reason, there is an unjustified agreement among the participating “talented amateur designers” that spray painting stuff is a work of magic. From common room objects to furniture pieces, they just keep shamelessly spray painting stuff.
The show really isn’t that bad. The material is definitely good and the participants sometimes come up with good designs (when not wreaking havoc on innocent people rooms!). For anyone who loves a good show and has a thing for interior design ideas, this show is definitely a must-watch.

– Words by Omar Al-Masry –