The Heng balance lamp by Li Zanwen

It’s a lamp, with an innovative spirit for sure – no wonder it has won The Red Dot Award 2016! It has a switch in mid-air and its unique design will bring a magic sparkle into your life.

The Heng Balance Lamp“, designed by Li Zanwen, is a table lamp made of high-quality wood and two magnetic balls as the switches of the lamp.

With the help of Arthur Limpens of Alocacoc DesignNest, the designer had an opportunity to bring her creative design object to the market.

By lifting the lower ball up, it will draw the two balls together with each other’s magnets inside. First, they will flow in the air and when they reach a balance, the light will switch on.

This innovative table lamp design is playful, unique and will serve as a great lightning that will bring you inspiration right away.

Currently, there are available a variety of “The Heng Balance Lamp” designs in different shapes and colors: square, oval, round in a natural wooden, white, black and red color.

This design has gained its recognition on Kickstarter as well, collected already over 200 000 dollars and a list of buyers!

P.S. The price of this amazing table lamp is quite democratic so hurry up to get yours!