The Home Furniture That’s Toeing its Way into Your Home

Home Furniture by Benjamin Migliore

Quirky, striking and a bit leggy, the Branca Stool from Ben Design is leaping past the traditional home furniture design and really getting a leg up in the design world (and we’ll stop there with the foot puns).

Benjamin Migliore designed his Branca Stool and Bench with more than just “it’s gotta look cool” in mind. In Italian, branca simply means branch, which shouldn’t surprise you once you get a side view of the stool. With a stunning design, the Branca Stool and Bench’s shape is based on singular branching, weaving a pattern of harmony and unity.

In Latin, however, branca” means “leg of ferocious animal and Migliore’s design is sure to define that. With a ferocious, striking appearance, the Branca Stool won’t cave underfoot. The inverted symmetry provides stability and solidity through its basic structure of diagonal transversed strips nearly set perpendicular to one another. In keeping up with the beauty of natural geometry, the three legs of the stool make a perfect equilateral triangle sure to catch at least a second glance.

The unique design makes the Branca Stool a near must-have for any design lovers out there. Whether it’s used in the home or the office, this stool is sure to bring some personality to any space. Its geometrical design also makes it the perfect choice for those less design-conscious. The clean lines allow this stool or bench to fall in perfectly into any already-present theme in the house. Whether it’s an addition to your barndoor hardware or minimalist design envy, the Branca stool is sure to fit in.

Next to the stool, the Branca Bench can be a fabulous addition to a mudroom, entryway or waiting area of an office. Not your regular IKEA brand, the Branca Branch’s complex form and whimsical beauty can brighten up any dreary design or space. Paired with the Stool, these two pieces can bring creative unity and uniformity to any room.

Whether you’re looking for the next cool design piece, or longing for a unique place to rest your tired feet or reach those high places, be sure to give the Branca Stool a chance and see how well it speaks to your sole (last one, we promise).info.creame