Ever dreamt of collecting and tasting honey directly from its nest?

Ever dreamt of going hive hunting, to collect and taste the pure nectar directly from its nest?

Designers of the Backbone Branding studio in Armenia conceived a simplified way, by selling the beehive directly in the markets, no bees included.

The ‘Bzzz’ honey package is designed to immediately attract the customer by making it desirable and appetizing at first sight. The cartoonish and humorous beehive interpretation has a series of rings connected to one another through a cord, the uppermost holding a cork lid for the jar.

A simple but effective idea, the wooden enclosure reflects a biological environment, ecology and certainly good taste. For those arguing that its sustainable consequences are quite overlooked, considering it to be extravagant and excessively packaged, must know that the wooden wrapper is 100% biodegradable.

The only concern might be keeping away bees or honey greedy bears.

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