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DMG Events for Interior Designers at Dubai World Trade Center

MENA Constructions - April 30th, 2017 - View the gallery

Dubai is a Mecca for contemporary architecture. A fact that is hardly debatable. Whether it is the highest, the most leaning, the biggest, Dubai surely has broken more than a few records related to building and architectural design. Interior design in Dubai is also something of exceptional quality, as the city hosts some of the world’s most luxurious hospitality facilities. The marvelous Emirati city was a mere desert until the discovery of oil and founding the UAE, the rest is history. Within a very short time, Dubai has become a futuristic city with mind-blowing ultramodern architecture and an amazing ‘Dubai interior design style’.

As expected from a city with such a global reputation, Dubai hosts plenty of world class events, especially ones related to the architecture and construction sector. Some of the best events are the ones organized by DMG Events, an events organizing company to which Design42Day is a media partner. Being a subsidiary of the leading, world-renowned British media company, Daily Mail, DMG Events offers only carefully selected events that keep businesses informed and create commerce within the marketplaces they serve. Among DMG Events’ 80 plus events hosted in 25 countries among the globe, some of the very best are related to the Dubai interior design scene.

Index Design Series

INDEX Design Series is one of the most important exhibitions in the Dubai interior design scene. This design exhibition brings together market-leading companies and interior designers in Dubai to come together to network learn and source products that create world-class interiors for a variety of commercial, residential, hospitality and media projects. Whether you are working in interior design in Dubai or somewhere, attending INDEX Design Series is an enriching experience for any interior design professional. It is worth mentioning that in last year’s INDEX Design Series, over 34, 400 people from more than 110 countries attended. Attendees networked with over 800 of the world’s best interior design suppliers, including 19 country pavilions. The exhibition has many reputable media partners, including Construction Week and Design42Day. Be it the displayed items or the coverage, the INDEX Design Series is pinnacle for interior design in Dubai and beyond.

Middle East Covering

Middle East Covering is an exhibition that focuses on flooring and wall covering materials and technologies. This exhibition provides the contracting, architecture and designers working in the Dubai interior design industry and well as professionals abroad with the latest flooring and wall covering materials and technical know-how. Visitors of the Middle East Covering exhibition have access to more than 2,000 products, making this one of the largest exhibitions covering such topic. Last year, this annual gathering attracted more than 15,000 total participants from 63 countries. It is also worth mentioning that 88% of the visitiors hold a strong purchasing power. As the Middle East and North Africa’s interior design sector was estimated to be worth US$ 8.2 bn. With the strongly booming Dubai interior design scene, the possibilities are limitless.

Middle East Stone

Middle East Stone is a one of a kind event in the MENA region. For interior designers in Dubai, this event is a must attend. This exhibition focuses on marble, stone and ceramic industries. Throughout the years, Middle East Stone has proven to be the industry’s largest exhibition. The show attracts many contractors, architects and designers that are looking for the latest finished and unfinished stone, marble, ceramic products and technologies. Middle East Stone offers the attending decision makers from Dubai interior design companies and relevant industry countries from across the globe the opportunity to meet and network with local and international manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, the show has and educational feature of providing a CPD certification on the latest industry trends for stone, marble and ceramics, making it a must-attend for anyone working in this field.

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