Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish illustrator who creates thought-provoking satire illustrations that comment on social, economic, and political issues. Born in 1976, Pawel is a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. He began drawing satirical illustrations back in 2004, and so far has been rewarded with over 100 prizes and distinctions. In 2005, Pawel Kuszynski received “Eryk” award from Association of Polish Cartoonists for getting a record number of awards in international competitions.

Your illustrations are very influential and give a certain emotional impact. It seems like it reflects your own personal vision that the world is ruled by absurdity, is it like that or what is the key message of your illustrations?
As my friend Karolina Prymlewicz, a curator of the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw, says: “As an artist, Kuczyński is deeply involved and uncompromising in his political judgements and social diagnoses. He exploits the aesthetics of surrealism, makes skilful use of visual metaphors…and black humour is definitely his element. Technical mastery and the nearly photographic realism of his scenes enhance the effect of astonishment in the viewer who faces this artistic world for the first time. In Kuczyński’s work there is a sad truth about human condition, social, political and environmental threats, which take definite shape and is no longer abstract.”

What kind of drawing technique do you use?
My technique – watercolours and coloured pencils on the paper.

If you had an opportunity to change something in this world, what would you change?
I can’t change the world – I only try to show people my observations. About us and our world. I’m happy when people are watching my illustrations. Maybe sometimes I open someone’s eyes.

If we would ask you to put on a paper your vision of how would the world look in 10 years, what would you draw?
I’m not a visionary or a messiah. I’m just trying to show my expressions about recent reality. I believe in people.. even when we doing stupid things sometimes.

How often do you use social media, such as Facebook and Instagram? Do you try to avoid it in your daily life and work or do you see it as something useful Nowadays?
I use only Facebook, especially my fan page. I put sometimes my new work there, because I’m very thankful for my fans for such a support (they have created my fanpage).

What was the last book you have read or the movie you saw that impressed you so much that after reading or watching it, you decided that you should illustrate about it?
I’m under strong and bad influence from our Polish political reality. I don’t like to comment any local political troubles.. but such situations in Poland really frustrating me.