A chandelier named June

Located in the beautiful Fiskars village in south-west Finland, Nikari, established in 1967, is a manufacturer of sustainable wood products.

To celebrate the 2012, year in which Helsinki has been nominated World Design Capital, Nikari launched a project named “Project 2012 Design For Nature”, in which twelve designers or design studios are asked to study and reinterpret their philosophy by producing a wood product.

The project is made in collaboration  with the Finnish WWF and part of the sales price is donated to protecting rainforests and forests globally.

The idea of the designer Mikko Paakkanen, in charge of designing the product for the month of June, is a reflection about the importance of forests and the global climate change problematic with the intent to create a solution for households lighting with materials and technology representing minimal usage of natural resources.

The result is a chandelier, named June, that keeps elements of the classical shape of a candelabrum, above all looking at the arms, on top of which it would traditionally have been candles, that are here substituted by Led technology.

June chandelier appears to be a perfect synthesis between modern design and the simplicity of a material like wood, in which is possible to spot an undeniable North European minimalist flavor and an effortless and timeless elegance.

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