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Katya Katya at RFW 2017

Design - October 16th, 2017 - View the gallery

The transition from winter into spring is a gentle one with Katya Katya 's Spring-Summer 2018 collection. Charming silhouettes in a palette of soft sky blue, taupe, and grey-green were peppered with strong tones of lipstick red and coral. The show started out with the fun, fiery tones and transitioned into the pleasant surprise of Katya's interpretation of the many facets of spring.

Voluminous tiered skirts were a recurring detail that was matched with tasteful ruffles on shoulders and sleeves. Pleated and translucent fabrics added dimension by playing with light. Stripes made an appearance too, and who isn't a sucker for the classic pattern? Katya Katya refreshed her collection with just three pieces of a cotton stripe before moving on to her usual luxurious material.

Delicate lace in cornflower blue was just barely embellished with crystals that weren't really necessary on the already elegant sleeveless dress. Maxi and midi length gowns in chiffon were also sent down the runway, but the pleating seemed rushed and not as impeccable as the brand's previous work. The Latvian designer still excelled best in her lacework, especially in the final gown which was a dream in ivory and nude underlay. Gorgeous floral motifs on the sleeves were accented with feminine scallops on the shoulder and modest neckline while another similar gown in full black was a mysterious fantasy of the night.

A couple of structured dresses in beautiful silk caught attention as well. Classically shaped short sleeves in a womanly length were a detail that was not missed; especially with the current trend in modesty. Even the selection of fabrics in this entire collection fell in line with this idea. Sheer lace and geometric embellishments elevated the female silhouette instead of exposing it, perfect for the graceful and charming woman that Katya Katya always creates for.