Innovative stools interpreting the very old handcraft

You consider knitting an old fashioned handcraft? Quite the contrary is true nowadays; knitting has reached a new level, finding its way into interior design.

Claire-Anne O’Brian, a young textile designer specialized in precisely that area, enlightens us with innovative stools interpreting this very old handcraft newly and creating a collection of Knit Stools. Originally form Ireland, she recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Textiles and is now based in London.

She draws her inspiration from elements of the classic knitting stitch itself, like rings and loops, however displayed at a much larger scale in bold forms with a great variety of techniques. Keeping the knit-work truly authentic, sheep and lamb-wool are used for every stool (some of which even resemble lambs themselves). The cute stools are available in various different shapes as well as an array of lively colors.

The unusual combination of knitting and furniture makes this collection a unique one in the area of interior design. It has definitely been proven, that wool cannot only be enjoyed as a cozy pullover or warm socks, but can also look fantastic on a piece of furniture like a stool.