Molecula lamp, both a daily sculpture and a night light.


Benjamin Migliore is not even 30, but his curriculum is already filled by several remarkable experiences that make him a real professional designer, through his young age.

He collaborated to different international projects like the Airport in Bejing or the Theater in St. Petersburg, and with disparate important design studios in Barcelona, where he actually lives.

From his hands came out Molecula, a versatile lamp which can be used as wall or table lamp thanks to its functional and attractive structure. The lines from which it takes life are polyhedral, skeletal, just a trestle. They are essential, but in their perfect simplicity necessary gives studied and defined directions to the light.

This minimalism is able to give to any space a fancy and sophisticated atmosphere. The pure white of the structure is matched with a integrated LED light source, using thin strips hidden in Molecula’s lines. The result is both a daily sculpture as a night light, that will irradiate the ambient with a warm and soft beams.

The discrete dimensions (23x15x35 cms) and the hollow construction make Molecula a very lightweight lamp. Thanks for that is possible to hang it to the wall as well, and to duplicate its functionality according to the necessities of its users.

Molecula is one of the perfect examples that it’s definitely unnecessary to overload objects with redundant details for creating a graceful and beautiful lamps.