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Interactive lighting design

Design - May 18th, 2015

A lighting design project is way more than just about designing a source of illumination: the shape and materials chosen highly influence the perception we have of a space, creating different ambiance.

Designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the buyer´s home or office, this stylish, contemporary lamp is also functional in use.

Made by basic geometric shapes and everlasting materials, the Focal Point Lamp provides different lighting positions that can be achieved through a simple mechanical interaction with the elements constructing it. The lighting design piece combines a white-milky porcelain cube swiveling around a copper pipe with a touch of minty (or black) color in the cloth-covered cord.

The LED bulb light source, housed in the porcelain cube, is able to pivot and travel along the bent copper rod which also acts as the stand for the lamp.

The stand is neither a square nor a rectangle, but seems like a combination of triangles with four smoothly rounded corners, and is the main character of the lighting design.

According to the Montreal based Canadian designer Chifen, her lighting design is thought in such a way that it can be moved in different positions to suit the user’s mood. “The Focal Point radiates the essence of lighting with a twist!

The Focal Point Lamp won “The Best Prototype Award” at the IDS in 2014. The IDS is the largest interior design show in Canada.