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Lu Kun / Yincool Fashion Weekend

Design - August 3rd, 2017 - View the gallery

Who knew that stripes which were once considered a damning mark for social outcasts could look so charming on the twee outfits that Lu Kun presented for mikumkum at Yincool Fashion Weekend? Long gone are the days of jailbird uniforms- this rendition of fresh and playful bands of saccharine pink and nautical blue brought the nostalgia of English summer holidays to mind. Think of an abundance of roses, lakeside picnics, and boating, all with a gentle, warm breeze.

Tiny pearlescent beads were edged around low waist dresses and incorporated into feminine designs on necklines. As the models came down the runway with natural and simple hair and makeup, one could really envision wearing the simple but beautiful pieces that mikumkum brought to the table. The show, sponsored by Sohu and Picanova, was a gentle reminder that fashion can be done without the fuss and flair of too-intricate beauty and hair. The girls boasted loose hair in their natural colours and fresh faces, smiling prettily and foregoing the ‘smize’ that we’ve all gotten used to.

Celebrities like Natasha Lau made an appearance at the showcase too, a nod to Lu Kun’s recognition as a couturier. Women and girls alike were catered to with their clever use of classic lipstick red. Colour-blocked with charcoal black and gathered daintily, it was more romantic than the usual ‘sex-bomb’ identity associated with the shade. Perhaps it was because of the lack of accessories and jewelry, which made sense for their story.

Eyelash lace was delicately crafted in tiers, creating fun maxi dresses and poet blouses. Little black ribbons cuffed the blouse, a simple but significant design details that accented the striped skirts which made up the rest of the outfit. Bright blue underlaid one of the dresses, while another featured a crossover neckline. Pearls dotted once again on black bodices and straps, a combination made in heaven. Forget the fuss and florals. The master’s offerings for the summer are a sight for sore eyes.

– Words by Jacki See –