The LUMINOSE lamp was inspired by their love for dogs


Finding new solutions and a fresh design approach for lighting up your life may not be easy, but the Budapest-based design team Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente have a unique design for all of us.

As the old saying goes “man’s best friend is a dog”, the LUMINOSE lamp was inspired by their love for dogs. It is a really clever play on your perception, how a handful pieces of wood can resemble the shape of a dog.

The electrical lead for powering the lamp becomes the dog-leash and the head of the dog-like shape contains an eco-friendly high luminosity LED panel, which due to the rectangular shape provides a well-collimated beam of light. The LUMINOSE fulfils one of the most important criteria in lamp design, to illuminate in one direction while not to disturbing or blinding in other directions.

The whole dog-like shape is held together by four screws with wing nuts, making it easy to adjust LUMINOSE’s posture to fit its environment in the most flexible way – you can make LUMINOSE lamp stand, sit, lie down, invite to play, etc. It works well both for a desk, work top or for a side table by your comfortable armchair. Somehow, there is an echo in LUMINOSE of Pixar’s animated logotype with Luxo Jr., the playful table lamp.

The two designers complement each other’s skills and competences. Zimmerer is the product designer and Lente is the brand and web designer. The witty brand name LUMINOSE is in itself proof of this. The team pay extreme attention to every minute detail, from concept to design to manufacturing, ensuring a high quality experience for their customers.

Who knows, perhaps really creative customers will buy several LUMINOSEs in different colours and create and recombine their own unique pack of LUMINOSEs, with a black bodies and white legs, and vice versa. The simply beautiful concept invites creativity.

LUMINOSE lamp is handcrafted and comes in a variety colours and materials. The body can be made of beech, birch or oak, in natural, white or black colour. The leash/lead can be red, blue or pink. The light source is a 12V, 3W LED panel (G4 socket). Manufactured by Hungarian company 500lx.