Retro Glamour By M-Couture

M-Couture at Riga Fashion Week

Transparent, light and classic. M-Couture this year moved a step forward toward changes and gave a sparkle to her design previously known for its laconic pastel tone design.

During Riga Fashion Week, M-Couture presented Spring/Summer 2017 collection with a retro glamour touch, adding some trending elements as glitter, transparent fabrics, velvet and romantic flounces to her new collection.

What remains in memory the most are the colors of the collection – combinations of teal, royal blue and the soft pink in a variety of silk, velvet and sateen cotton.

Julia Sardykova, the founder of M-Couture, established her brand in late 2012 when the first collection of ready-to-wear was introduced to a wider society.

Julia has been inspired by fashion since her childhood, and best of her knowledge for garment perfection comes from her master tailor father, who taught her difference between fabrics and fits, he showed her classic lines, but at the same time reminded to bend the rules, because more than anyone else, women are the essence of beauty and the best designer is the one, who makes a naked dream dressed.