This Dialog Between Two Distinct Realities

AW2016 collection by Natasha Alia

“…I physically experienced what we as consumers can both create and destroy, fighting climate change or causing it. The “ghosts” of our decisions travel to and reside in places like Svalbard, altering the landscape, damaging the terrain, restoring or preserving what’s left, even if we never physically go there. We become unintentional intruders, ghosts that inhabit the uninhabitable in strange and fascinating ways. My collection is not a political argument, though it may occasionally pretend to be. Instead, I chose to explore the dialogue between two distinct, simultaneous realities—the reality of us here in New York and the reality of our presence in Svalbard. Apparently you can be in two places at once.”

/Natasha Alia/

Natasha Alia‘s  A/W 2016 collection is a traveling experience to two different distinct realities at the same time. You can feel the message she wants to share with us through this collection, with heavy textures and fabrics, literally printed on fabrics thoughts, as well as the backdrop of her careful observation.

Natasha Alia was born in California and spent much of her youth traveling between India, London, New York and her home in Newport Coast. In experiencing the many varied and ephemerally dynamic ways of human life, she developed an early interest in arts, particularly in designing, altering and reassigning visual appearances through the practice of garment deconstruction. During her thesis year  in Communication and Fashion Design at Parsons, she was nominated for the Hugo Boss Scholarship, has been selected as one of 8 recipients of the Shoe Polytechnic Sponsorship and is a finalist for the Eyes on Talent Award, Kering’s Empowering Imagination Award as well as the VFiles Academy Prize.

Her collection in not just visually intriguing, but it also evokes some unknown curiosity of the Svalbard’s landscapes, which has inspired Natasha to create such a beautiful, yet contradictive mixture of her traveling experience!