Located in Hermosillo, Mexico, “Light” is the newest dance club to be renovated with modern design and architecture. Patrons can enjoy a space with various designs and geometric architecture while getting their groove on with the latest music and entertainment.

The nightclub design was made by company Tamen Arq that specializes in architecture, interior design, furniture design and construction. The company is also praised for its creativity and dedication.

Finished this past fall, the renovation gave the space new meaning to how clubs can use modern architecture and design to help enhance the atmosphere, lighting and music. Tamen Arq explains, “The project is the restoration of an existing dance club, making the general area the most impressive element of this place.”

The nightclub design ranges from honeycomb ceilings to starry walls and creates geometric angles to make the space appear endless. As for the overall facade of the building, the architect explains, “The facade is a play on geometric volumes that are more sober than the interior, creating mystery on the elements found within it.”

When clubgoers enter in modern looking building, the interior hallway is covered with wood curved walls with integrating lights in-between the panels and in geometric, white and black pattern floors. Says the architect, “Access is a transition space between the facade and the general area. Multiple panels with organic movement were created to represent a three-dimensional and infinite effect with mirrors at the ends, playing with indirect lighting that has an important role in giving more depth and movement to this space.”

The main space is decorated with hexagon grid walls and ceiling used for more dramatic lighting. What’s more is that the lights that line the ceiling are in sync with the music being played and in sync with the overall atmosphere.

Additionally, within the main hall there are various areas for sitting and hanging with friends. The seats are in the vibrant red and black colors that help contrast against the honeycomb walls and lighting.

The bar and serving area is illuminated by a large, golden lamp that is about 10 feet in diameter. The walls in the bar and serving area also have a movement or motion effect, like the entry way, with wavy patterns and integrated lighting.

Along with the entry way, the bathrooms are another area where Tamen Arq created endless space with wall mirrors lined against the side walls. The lobby directly outside of the bathroom stalls are painted a dark blue with little-beaded lights attached, creating a starry sky atmosphere. In addition, geometric lamp fixtures are located over the bathroom sinks to match with the interior theme of the club.

Overall, this complete club makeover and renovation can positively affect Light’s overall business insurance ROI and future business in attracting more clubgoers both in and outside of town. Plus, the club can excel in offering a different environment and music than other local dance clubs.

Whether you find yourself in Hermosillo or not, Tamen Arq has set the precedent of modern club design and architecture and will continue to influence future building and renovations when it comes to entertainment.