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ÖÖD’s Prefab Modular House: a smart small house design

Architecture - July 3rd, 2017 - View the gallery

Living spaces are becoming more expensive by the day. As the demand increases and the supply become scarcer, rent prices are becoming increasingly expensive. This trend is more obvious in big cities, where the accommodation costs have become unbearable to many people. The scarcity of supply and the soaring prices result in smaller living units, as bigger units are unaffordable by most people. With smaller houses and apartments becoming the new norm for city dwellers, smart small house design ideas are essential to improve what otherwise is a desperate situation. Despite the fact that interior design for small houses is not easy, some companies are doing a great job in creating impressive solutions.

Elegant Interior Design Ideas & Smart Technology for Better Accommodation
With smart interior design ideas that make the most use of every square inch of the available space, even the smallest units can seem roomy, comfortable and more lavish. The best solution for small spaces is usually the outcome of combining elegant design and smart technology. ÖÖD is an emerging company that provides that and more, making breakthroughs in the field of compact, pre-fab housing units.

The company produces pre-fab, small house designs that are geared towards the ever-growing Airbnb and markets. The room-sized houses take only 8 hours to set up, and once they are, they are ready for business. The unit arrives with everything that makes it use-ready, including an Estonia made furniture set. Owners usually purchase and set up the units and list them on sites such as Airbnband Users can also sell the unit as a full set.

Brilliantly Assembled

ÖÖD’s small house design is intended for quick assembly. The whole unit’s components are sold as a single set. Starting from the insulating glazing materials to the Wi-Fi router and furniture, it is all there. This “Plug & Play” kind of concept reliefs the owner from the headache of preparing the unit for inhabitants, it is ready out of the box. The unit is erected on post footing with six posts that required three connection points. The building’s back wall has wooden framework with the necessary wiring already inside. The walls and floors are pre-insulated with 200 mm thick mineral wool. All interior communications are previously fixed, allowing immediate use after assembly. Having everything previously fitted means that after the 8 hours required for assembling the unit, it is immediately ready for use.

Impressive Inside & Out
In addition to the flexibility and ease of use, ÖÖD’s small house design is masterfully done. The units are design by the same Estonian company ÖÖD, by two brothers Andreas Tiik and Jaak Tiik. The housing units have mirrored glass on three sides, allowing maximum use of surrounding views and making the house blend with the surrounding nature in a beautiful, breathtaking way. The mirrored glass facade gives the unit a minimalist, contemporary look.

On the inside, ÖÖD small house design is equally as impressive. Accessible from the home's wooden back, the unit's interior is of elegantly minimalistic design. Thanks to the abundantly used wood surface material, the interior has a warm, cozy feel. Thanks to the top-to-bottom glass facades, a sense of continuation is established between the interior and the exterior surroundings. This adds a sense of blending with nature and gives the feeling of a larger space. The bathroom is separated by an opaque glass wall that allows light to travel through the interior. To emphasize on enjoying the great outdoors, the unit's wooden deck has a built-in hot tub that allows inhabitants to relax in the embracing arms of nature.

Without the brilliant pre-fabrication and assembly concept, a similar unit would cost a small fortune and would take a very long time to assemble. Combining smart technology with elegant interior design ideas was ÖÖD’s recipe for a successful product that solves a pressing problem.


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