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With this private house design, a heart was imagined

Architecture - May 15th, 2015

Designed for a couple and their two small children, 2H House in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, showcases panels of colored glass and strong, geometric features.

This private house design was brainstormed when Truong An Architecture, 23°5 Studio, and the family collaborated to create a space that not only provided a space that would unite the family, but that would also bring the architecture and the surrounding nature together.

With this private house design, a heart – a center – was imagined. An open space that lets in light, rain, and fresh air, separates the other functional parts of the home while inspiring the inhabitants to harness that natural energy and put it toward creating.

On the inside, the white walls, high ceilings, and custom wood finishes extend that open, airy feeling that the heart evokes.

Handmade oak furnishings add some curving lines and texture to the home that compliment the whimsical placement of the colored glass windows.

From the outside, at nighttime, the house is a staple of the neighborhood. When lit from the inside, this private house was designed to act as a lantern of sorts, shedding warm light from within. It’s a work of art that also happens to serve as a home.