Regeneration And Expansion Of The Retail Heart Of Leeds

One of the best creations in the retail department known to mankind is Victoria Gate in Leeds, England designed by architecture company ACME.

According to Hammerson, the owner of this fabulous structure, the Victoria Gate is not just a “mall”, but an extension Head-row, the city’s main civic axis, and the different Victorian arcades to elicit elegance, beauty, quality and uniqueness. This 21st Century masterpiece is created to inspire people due to its relation to history and culture which dates back up until the late 1800s.

The exterior of Victoria Gate is inspired by the Art Deco age Blomfield buildings of the Headrow and the Victorian terracotta buildings of Vicar Lane. Leeds was an affluent, mercantile city in the past, the buildings in the context of the site reflect this through elevations rich in texture and relief.

A three-dimensional brick and terracotta façade is pleated to create a multitude of shadows and depth across the building, produced from detailed computer models locating each of the 460,000 bricks. Brass and rust coloured metals have been used at higher levels to create a family of complementary materials in the traditional Leeds terracotta colors.

Located on the prominent eastern corner facing Quarry Hill and the Northern Playhouse, the 800-space Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) represented an opportunity to create a sense of welcome and arrival in the city centre, encouraging future connectivity to Quarry Hill.

ACME has woven the car park design into the architectural narrative of Victoria Gate so that it does not become a neglected afterthought. Taking references from the diagrid pattern on the department store, the façade is made up of hundreds of twisting aluminum fins.

These fins are spaced to allow natural ventilation of the building and create an ever-shifting pattern of light, shadow and reflections evoking the appearance of a diagrid at various times of the day.

It has a multi-storey car park, which is also built and designed to show an exquisite form of design to all customers. The twisted aluminum fin cladding creates a diagrid pattern, which elicits shadows to enhance the elegance and the ambiance of its surroundings. It posits a good form of light, ventilation, and space for the comfort of different guests.

This place is surely one to visit and savor. It has the elegance and beauty that different customers, guests and travelers need to explore. If there is one place you’d rather shop, dine, unwind and relax from, it is the Victoria Gate.