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Sculptural Round Table Design

Design - June 27th, 2016

A round table is one of the most important elements of any kitchen or living room designs. It is a symbol of family and unity – it gathers family members for a meal together or important discussions. Angelo Tomaiuolo presents his variation of family round table and introduces to the philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze.

Angelo Tomaiuolo is an Italian designer and architecture, who took part in many different design events. He worked in high-end residential projects, hotel and resort projects and participated in various international competitions. Moreover, Angelo Tomaiuolo established his own firm, which focuses on the research and development of new languages in architecture, interior and design.

A new product presented by an Italian designer is a small round table. Angelo Tomaiuolo’s designs are the signs of environmental sustainability, which is why the table has an originally sculptural wood base and a glass top. Besides, the table is a tribute to the “Rhizomatic philosophical concept” developed by Gilles Deleuze, as it is designed as ‘a model able to establish connections in any direction without hierarchy’. Thus, the product design by Angelo Tomaiuolo also supports the idea of equality and brotherhood.

A sculptural table is a perfect piece of furniture for evening family gatherings, which not only creates a cosy atmosphere, but also has some philosophical meaning. "Rizoma" by Angelo Tomaiuolo will be a great match to any modern interior design!