Sofa Table For Multitasking Moms

“Babies are always curious about adults’ world. When the baby is invited to parents’ sofa table, all of them around the table feels emotional communion. Baby can have a joyful time with parents, and parents can have comfort tea time while having their baby within sight.” /Kunsik Choi/

This minimalistic table has all its greatest functions, especially for multitasking moms! Designer Kunsik Choi has created a sofa table called “Boida” that doubles as a seat for the little ones in your life.

Made from wood, the sofa table has a cut-out section that allows a small child to sit in it while the parent can have space for their own thing, at the same time, simply enjoy time together, so that curious little baby could participate.

This sofa table has either a seat for a baby or a room for decorative objects. Here are the measurements of the Boida table: 1200 * 580 * H400