A Table Lamp/Robot Companion that Will Light Up Your Desk

Table lamp by Lampster

Is your desk game lacking that little extra something? Step up your lighting game with a cool robot companion! This table lamp, nicknamed the Lampster by his designers, resembles a little humanoid robot companion with a spotlight for a head. Fun and functional, the Lampster is the perfect lamp for your room or for your workplace.

The Lampster’s design is loaded with clever personality. Its head is based on the classic design of a tractor headlight, and that workmanlike aesthetic carries through into the robot’s texture, which is worn down and splattered with bits of paint. Clearly, the Lampster isn’t a lamp robot resting on its laurels – this is a working ‘bot with a job to do! That active personality also bears out in the Lampster’s cool pose, fists clenched at its sides and ready for action. This lamp’s fun cartoon proportions and action boots round out the aesthetic.

The Lampster is perfect for giving personality to your office, but this table lamp can also come to the rescue for a party at your house or apartment! Its lamp comes loaded with an RGB LED bulb, meaning that it can pump out moody red, blue, and green lights to give some atmosphere to your next get-together. This versatile companion’s rustic exterior and modern attitude can blend in nicely on a barn door hardware desk table or among a more contemporary aesthetic, too.

So whether you’re looking for a cool and functional accessory to add personality to your office or a conversation starter to bring life to your next party, make sure to pick up this cool new lamp and set your space up in style.