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TALENTED, representing Latvian pioneering fashion

Design - April 6th, 2017 - View the gallery

The pioneering spirit was doled out in spades at TALENTED ’s show at the 26th Riga Fashion Week. The Latvian brand, known for their specialisation in shirts and shirtdresses, expressed a curiosity in the vintage muse Amelia Earhart - American pioneer in aviation.

Grounded in the past but clearly looking towards the future, the womenswear and menswear designs perfectly encapsulated the utilitarian aspects of the aviation industry while translating them into contemporary ready-to-wear pieces. Each look seemed designed to be taken apart and worn exactly as how the individual wished it to be.

Brightly printed abstract scarves were a recurring accessory and the patterns were yet reflected and redone on piped feminine blouses and flowing maxi dresses. Blocks of colour were cleverly paired to balance and brought across a fresh, almost cleansing spirit to the entire collection. Dull khaki browns were uplifted and enhanced by international orange while uniform navy had just enough of a mustard accent.

The use of Oxford blue pinstripe fabric continued on into fall with TALENTED deconstructing the traditional shirt, cutting off sleeves and praising irreverence with their take on the classic menswear garment. Loose ribbons of fabric both thick and thin appeared on the womenswear shirts which were then tied asymmetrically or left to billow in the window, creating quirky interest and movement.

The core inspiration of retro aviation and Amelia Earhart was difficult to miss, and TALENTED did exactly what they were talented at- creating a witty conversation in fashion and keeping it light and fun.

– Words by Jacki See –