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Some of the most fascinating illustrations we’ve seen recently

Design - January 24th, 2013

Digital artist, Peter La, is the creator of some of the most fascinating illustrations we’ve seen recently.

The artist, a well-rounded individual with an astonishing set of skills extending far beyond those of drawing and graphic design, is a former user interface specialist for games.

Recently, he decided to shift away from the world of gaming, to that of ethereal concept art and he’s doing a kick-ass job.

With an insane talent and an outstanding personal aesthetic, he is bound to go places. His pieces reminisce of obscure games, chimerical characters, apocalyptic scenarios and fantastic transformers.

The magnetism of his illustrations is to be found in the perfect color mixes and smooth transitions, the carefully balanced intertwining of blurred, fuzzy contours with harsh brush strokes, and the vivid atmosphere depicted.

Regardless of the theme of his images, the characters appear almost alive, taking the viewer into a world of fantasy, unlocking the darkest corners of his imagination.
Peter La’s heroes draw almost titanic dimensions, emerging as wondrous Gods, imposing, startling; all illustrations evoke a certain anxiety and fear, inducing a rather haunting feeling on the viewer.

Looking through his portfolio, you feel as if you are witness to an extraordinary invasion of all-mighty alien gods, with unbounded powers and unheard of qualities, about to have a mythical, surreal sky battle.

Fond of conceptual art, bizarre robotic constructions, and hazy, unearthly vectors, Peter set himself apart from the crowd. His thriving imagination, along with his superior brushing and blending skills, has aided him in constructing a fabulous realm and a set of unforgettable characters.
Just as elusive and mysterious as his titans, Peter La keeps a well-guarded distance from the public eye. He prefers making an impact and telling a story through his illustrations, rather than words.

The little information known about him is that he is based in Toronto, Canada, and that he used to work in designing games’ interfaces.

The rest, who knows? This makes it all much more exciting and intriguing. Peter La, you’re doing it right!