An organically shaped lamp available in various editions

The design company Mammalampa based in Riga, Latvia has launched The Bride, an organically shaped lamp available in various editions: suspended from the ceiling, as a table lamp or freestanding on the floor.

Each Bride lamp is unique and handcrafted from pleated paper, in a pattern that looks like a blond female’s elaborate hairstyle.

The Bride lamp ’s form has lightness, in all meanings of the word, but also a distinct individual female character. It spreads its light in a soft and varied ambience due to the varying thickness of the pleated paper and clearly illuminates the surface below the lamp.

At a distance, in a dark room, the Bride lamp may sometimes look like a traditional candlelit snow lantern made from stacked snowballs.

The Bride lamp is one of several unique designs from Mammalampa, all featuring feminine attributes reflected in their respective names: The Wise One, The Queen, The Sisters and The Duchess.

The Mammalampa team’s leading designer is Ieva Kaläja, who has a Masters degree from the Domus Academy in Milan and is supported by Inese Zirnate, Varis Arajs along with two other partners.