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Totem Lamp: Contemporary Interpretation of Oil Lantern

Design - May 6th, 2016

This totem lamp is a wonderful reminder of our ancestry traditional "lantern". It is a lamp with the minimalist look and the LED bulb, instead of fire.
In order to make it stable and safe, Polish design company HOP design decided to use only solid hand turned beech wood. The chassis is made of thick metal sheet. All parts are connected with solid brass elements.
“The lantern was invented to work and be useful for many years. That is a way we did not hesitate to use only expensive materials. Our company is famous for products that are made of solid materials, which quality is the main factor that the product is based on" – says Kinga Chmielarz, the product designer.
The advantages of this lamp have been already seen and praised during Łódź Design Festival in 2015.
"Nowadays, when there is an easy access to disposable and seasonal products, the HOP DESIGN offers goods that are long lasting products. Everyone is happy to have furniture that has special meaning and brings memories from the past, therefore, we would like to offer goods that will also stay with us for a very long time" - says Konrad Hulak, the owner of the company
This totem lamp made of natural material has been created to meet the high expectations customers for whom the most important features are the durability and comfort.